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My son’s name is Bobby.  He is on the autistic spectrum, diagnosed at age 8, and he’s 21 now.  We’ve done all sorts of biomedical interventions with greater & lesser degrees of success.


The second half of last year Bobby underwent HBOT (hyper-baric oxygen treatment) which was an intervention I’d heard wonderful things about for years and had been waiting to try.  Unfortunately, as with many things, there’s a small percentage of people who respond negatively to it; and Bobby was one of those with an adverse reaction. 


A subsequent course of antibiotics sent him off the deep end.  There were three days (72 hours) when he didn’t sleep at all, but just paced constantly talking to himself about a bunch of negative topics.  His DAN doctor gave him some CBD drops which did help calm him, but he quickly became de-sensitized to them and required huge amounts of the drops.  And, his mood was up-and-down requiring almost constant administration of the drops.



After he went on the Elysium, his emotional state became much calmer.  He takes it in three doses and as long as we don’t miss doses he is very steady-state, not agitated.   If we run out of the Elysium (which I really try not to do) there are two immediate results:  He starts talking to himself, and he begins talking about negative topics.



I’m really grateful that we were able to avail ourselves of the Elysium.  It’s helped give me my son back.

Bobby's Story

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