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THC XL Formula

Important THC XL Dosage Information


There are 10 milligrams (mg) by mass of THC and 1 mg by mass of CBD contained in one milliliter (ml) volume of infusion oil.

These concentrations are thus expressed as 10 mg/ml THC and 1 mg/ml CBD. Stated as “10 milligrams THC per milliliter of infusion oil and 1 milligram of CBD per milliliter of infusion oil”

This can also be indicated as a ratio of 10:1 THC:CBD. Stated as “a ratio of 10 milligrams of THC to 1 milligram of CBD per milliliter of infusion oil”


NOTE: Before taking Cannalon THC XL, you must use the Elysium Dosage app to calculate a recommended dose for the THC XL depending on your individual weight and desired daily dosing frequency.

The Cannalon 1:0 THC XL (1mg CBD : 10mg THC per ml of infused oil) medicinal oil infusion should be very effective and safe to target health issues appetite stimulation, autism, pain from certain cancers, pain from fibromyalgia, and topical treatment of certain skin conditions such as psoriasis.


Our scientific approach and synergy between the field and lab have resulted in a superior CBD and THC Cannabis plant extracts. These extracts are first carefully formulated into a ratio mix of CBD to THC that is 1:10, respectively, for the THC XL Formula. Then the extract mix is blended with high quality, locally sourced grape seed carrier oil. Our unique combination of Cannabis extracts and grape seed oils contains a range of botanical compounds in addition to CBD & THC, such as other cannabinoids, terpenes, bioflavonoid anti-oxidants, etc. This combination of our Cannabis extract and grape seed oil likely provides beneficial health benefits through an “entourage effect” of action by the many natural botanical compounds contained within.


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