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About Elysium



With the explosive growth of edible and oil lines hitting the market, it is unclear which products have the greatest medicinal efficacy, purity, and consistency of results from one purchase to the next. Many of these products may look good on the package, but disguise the fact that they contain unnecessary chemicals and sub-par cannabinoids derived from low-grade cannabis, powdered isolates and hemp materials. How can consumers ever be sure what’s inside their oils and edibles?

Encapsulating the myriad of benefits derived from Cannavalon’s organic, outdoor-grown, single-source, highly efficacious and infusion-friendly compounds is the Elysium Grown Brand. The brand’s tag line (Proven. Trusted!conveys the dual message of product validation and product consistency.  Cannavalon’s “Elysium Inside” business model (B2B), along with the Elysium Grown Logo, distinguishes our manufacturing partners’ retail products through package labels guaranteeing the end-customer that the infused medicinal compound meets the highest standards of efficacy, consistency and purity. In a world saturated with low-grade cannabis material grown in industrial-style, indoor plantations, where high volume and low prices are the primary objectives, it is no wonder that serious customers of medicinal cannabis products will seek out and remain loyal to a brand they can trust and that have the proven healing properties on which they depend. Elysium Grown™ sets a new standard for cannabis medicinal products and is the reason why informed customers and partners are asking for Elysium Grown™ products by name.


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Only the Strongest Survive the Natural Selection Process:  Darwin's Law plays a vital role in our approach to growing. First, our seedlings are nurtured from superior genetic stock. We then grow outdoors in the world famous, Northern California cannabis terroir. While outdoor grows are susceptible to the vagaries of Mother Nature, these conditions more greatly challenge the plant to adapt, strengthen or die. In the end, the plant’s compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes) have a vitality and robustness that few indoor grows can compete with in the medical (CBD) cannabis world.


Comparatively-Speaking: In field tests in conjunction with the Elysium Collective, Elysium oils out-performed Hemp (lacks CBD:THC synergies) and indoor-grown (artificial ecosystems; pesticides) CBD products in a wide-array of categories (symptom reduction, recovery time, dosage level (mgs), dosing frequency, speed of response, cost per mg, etc.). Other noteworthy advantages include reduced toxicity risks and our products’ ability to leverage existing legal restrictions on maximum milligrams per bottle (favoring higher efficacy / potency products on store shelves).


While most laymen associate the term infusion with how well a compound combines or blends with another compound, cannabis infusion extends the definition to include the plant material’s added influences to the taste, sight and smell of the pre-infused material. For example, how would a cannabis infusion into Grandma’s Famous Oatmeal Cookie recipe affect the taste, sight and smell of her original delicacy? Could grandma herself tell the difference?

An oft-overlooked, yet highly critical field of cannabis growing and processing is how the refined cannabis material ultimately combines into other compounds (infusions) such as foodstuffs (edibles), beverages, ointments and sprays. Medical cannabis is no longer simply smoked but also infused into a variety of consumer goods that have been historically commonplace on store shelves.

Cannavalon excels at minimizing the negative byproducts inherent in the cannabis infusion process through its proprietary flower to extract processing methods that significantly reduce the negative characteristics introduced into our customers' original products. In blind testing experiments held at various B2B partner sites, our extracts showed superior infusion results against comparable competitor extracts and were often indistinguishable from the customer’s original product. This important field of cannabis processing and refinement will continue to distinguish Cannavalon from its competitors in this critical, yet often overlooked, product feature category.


Vertical Integration and Single-Sourcing Ensures Quality and Consistency: To ensure and to maintain the highest quality of our compounds, we never outsource our raw material production to bulk, third-party growers as many of our competitors are prone to do. Rather, we manage the entire seed-to-shelf process to give our customers the confidence that we will consistently deliver the most robust, highest efficacy / potency medicinal compounds on the market today.  

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