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Over the last four years, Elysium Collective Families have been an integral part of a trial-and-error joint venture with the Elysium Wellness & Vinea Labs Team to produce medicinal-grade Cannabis botanicals that originally started us on the road to healing many lives and sustaining life quality. Through the acquisitions of these two entities, Cannavalon Biosciences will continue to carry the healing touch and aim to further the science in the pursuit to perfect the medicinals even more.


The many young patients and their families have helped us by conveying to us the results they experienced, both with other CBD-formulated market products / brands as well as our own; which ones worked and which did not. Through their hard-fought efforts to get their afflictions under control, and pursue healthy and happy lives, they have guided us in our research which has led to the highly effective Elysium family of products.


At this point in the medicinal cannabis industry and market, most people think that CBD is the same cannabinoid no matter what the brand. It is not that simple from the standpoint of the chemistry of cannabinoids and their biochemical actions. We aim to dispel that myth and for once bring truth and transparency to the consumer. The early breezes that presage the stronger winds of change have started.


People are beginning to realize the track record of Big Pharma largely puts profits before patients. The fast-paced competitive world it operates in has had some major missteps, stumbles and tumbles that have particularly come to light through people communicating through social media avenues and from investigative reporting by a variety of news agencies. For decades, most large scale pharmaceutical drug R&D has been aimed at producing single molecule (hopeful "silver bullet") compounds aimed at single cellular targets, e.g., cell receptors, enzymes, to bring about a desired change in physiological function, e.g., alleviate depression, control blood sugar levels, kill cancer cells.


But while these aims may in general work, there are always myriad "side-effects", hence the realm of caveats that always accompany the promotion of such drugs to patients. Cannabis botanical medicinals are definitely different. When obtained correctly and carefully, the plethora of compounds naturally produced by the plant, i.e., bio-synthesized, not lab-synthesized, are extracted, minimally processed, analyzed and then formulated as infusions to produce a multi-molecule, multi-compound medicinal.


As humans have known for millennia, whole plant or partial plant extracts and infusions have helped alleviate an array of symptoms and promoted good health. In a sense, the modern medical cannabis industry is merely rediscovering what has been known and practiced for a very long time by our forebears! The difference now is that we use modern chemical extraction and analytical techniques to identify and quantify the multiple compounds in plant extracts.


The multiple compounds produced by the Cannabis plant, e.g., cannabinoids, terpenes, lipids, flavonoids, etc., are postulated to work together to produce a collective effect on multiple physiological systems (e.g., endocannabinoid, nervous, immune, endocrine systems) in order to bring about the desired change. This aptly named “Entourage Effect" thus has multiple targets which normally work together to maintain the body's healthy functional balance known as "homeostasis".


However, Elysium of Cannavalon has its own caveat emptor. As with anything humans consume, there are individual differences in response to the consumable. We are by nature genetically varied and we exist in our own daily environment and carrying out our own behaviors. Individual makeup, diet and life style have effects on anything taken in from outside our bodies.


With this in mind, be aware that our medicinals may have differing results in individuals even though typically Elysium Wellness patients have benefited from, and found consistency in, our products. Cannabis compounds themselves are widely regarded as safe and having very few, if any, side effects when taken wisely and according to recommended directions. As with other Cannabis medicinal products available on the market, we have no guarantees of success. We only ask that you try them to see if our products can work for you as they have for many others.


We at Cannavalon are confident in their reliable efficacy, high quality, and time-proven safety.



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