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Meet four-year-old Isaias Lopez. When Isaias was 17 months old he began having multiple types of seizures that continued for weeks. Months later and after several tests he was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, an intractable form of epilepsy that does not respond to traditional anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs). After four medications and the Ketogenic diet, Isaias still suffered from 100’s of myoclonic, atonic and absence seizures a day.  His quality of life was not that of a typical toddler.  Isaias often stayed home and indoors.  He wasn’t able to attend parties, family events or even simple trips to the grocery store.


Life for Isaias looks much different now!  Since being on Elysium oil he has been able to come off three of his AEDs and the ketogenic diet.  His gross motor skills, cognition, eye contact, and speech has improved immensely.  Isaias is now attending a special needs preschool and is progressing every day!  He is able to go outside, run, and play with his family and friends. Isaias’s daily seizure activity has gone from 100’s to less than 20 a day and sometimes even none!  His tonic-clonic and complex partial seizures which have only been febrile have gone from 45 minutes to only 10 minutes because of cannabis oil.


Elysium has changed Isaias's quality of life. He is able to do everyday things that seemed impossible before. This is our miracle!

Isaias's Story

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