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Mia is 4 years old and has been diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. She has tried numerous medications and ketogenic diets without success and remained on Depakote, Clonazepam, Topomax and Fycompa. Despite the use of this cocktail of medications, Mia’s seizures were still not controlled. She was having grand mal seizures every week that were landing us in the emergency room or giving her rescue meds.


On November 21st, 2015, we started Mia on CBD Base tincture from Elysium Wellness. Mia’s starting dose was 0.3 ml three times a day. We found that she was more sleepy than usual and a bit wobbly and unbalanced. After working with the Elysium support system, we reduced her dose to 0.25ml.  Since then, she’s been more calm and focused. Mia also pays more attention to her surroundings and has improved eye contact with others.  In general, she is simply a happier child. Since starting Elysium, Mia has had only two seizures lasting for about 10 minutes, and one seizure lasting 30 seconds, which did not require any rescue medications. This was a first! 


In our journey to help Mia lead a better and happier life, we felt that it was necessary to start weaning her off some of the powerful pharmaceuticals that she was being prescribed, which had also not been successful in the treatment of her condition. Ultimately, we felt very safe transitioning her to Elysium CBD. The product is consistent and free of contaminants and, for the first time since treating Mia's seizures, we felt like we were giving her a product without the horrible side effects that she experienced with the pharmaceuticals. 



For the first time, we feel hopeful.

Mia's Story

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