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Every compelling story often starts with a life altering experience...

We at Canavalon Biosciences are one of the foremost patient-centric Biotechs within the Medical Cannabis, Hemp and CBD industry. We are driven by each and every patient’s life we touch!

Clinical research's purpose, after all, is to find solutions that meets a patient’s medical conditions and assists them in the healing process. With that purpose in mind, we must remain ever mindful that the end results of all of these Clinical Research studies and is to help patients.

Today, I had the great honor of speaking directly to a Dravet Syndrome patient’s Mom regarding her experience with the Cannavalon Biosciences, Elysium CBD products.

As I have been in the traditional Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years, interacting with these Elysium patients and their families has not been the exposure that I have experienced.

Typically, in the traditional sense we work on designing clinical trials to recruit the patients with the disease state. While we are thinking of the patients as far as their disease and the therapeutic area, we do not speak with them directly.

In the Medical Cannabis and CBD industry, I feel that each Executive within their respective organizations should speak to the patients or their families directly to listen to their concerns and point of views. Paul Swanson, Cannavalon COO was quoted saying, “Why not make sure that active listening occurs so that we are learning from the Elysium patients and their families directly as we are designing the clinical trials? How can you design protocols and work on your clinical trial programs without having their input?”

When I have spoken to patients throughout my career, it has been due to my non-profit, Affinity Patient Advocacy. To be able to have the dialog with this Elysium Mom directly today, learn about her daughter’s condition, listen to her daughter’s journey prior to the diagnosis to trying multiple pharmaceutical products and other CBD products to then finding Elysium CBD solidified for me why I continue to push clinical research ahead in the Medical Cannabis and CBD industry. Cannavalon’s line of Elysium CBD products have made a tremendous impact on this patient’s life.

It is a distinct pleasure to work with the Executive staff at Cannavalon Biosciences as they are truly committed to helping patients with a variety of unmet medical needs and illnesses. The patients are the reason why the company is in existence.

There are so many families and patients out there like this Elysium Mom I spoke to today which need treatment for their family members unmet medical needs without fear of being arrested since Medical Cannabis and CBD are considered a Schedule I. They struggle daily with the worry and fear of prosecution. Does this seem right to you?

Since I have started working in the Medical Cannabis and CBD industry, I am outraged when I hear this from the patients and their families. This is their medicine. Many of which have tried various other pharmaceutical products, they need the ability to be able to take their medicine which works for their disease. I will continue to advocate for these patients and their families to have the ability to access their medicine without fear of prosecution.

We should all be in the Medical Cannabis/CBD Clinical Research industry to advance products for the betterment of the patients’ lives.

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