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"The future of medicine rests on the fundamental right we all have to use things that spring from the Earth naturally as healing agents. Why should cannabis, used for at least 10,000 years by humankind to alleviate suffering, be excluded from this inexorable mandate?”

Sayer Ji, Contributing Writer for Wake Up World





Over the last seven years, Elysium Wellness’ horticulturalists and Vinea Labs’ scientists (both entities to be later merged into Cannavalon Biosciences, Inc.) began growing, researching, and developing quality medicinal-grade cannabis products. Our primary goal was to produce the highest quality CBD (cannabidiol) rich plant extracts from our own Cannabis cultivars in order to manufacture the most effective, clean and safest cannabis based medicines. We felt the need to prove that CBD actually worked in restoring neurological balance and overall bodily health. Year after year it has been a daunting task selecting and vetting out the best genetic strains of Cannabis in order to find the right CBD:THC ratios and concentrations to achieve physiological efficacy. Cannabis is a unique plant that responds in a wide variety of ways to its surrounding physical environment and nutrient milieu. In our skillful horticulturist's hands, genetic hybrid strains of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica have been carefully selected and passionately grown at Elysium's plant nursery and grow site. This painstaking nurturing and care of our unique strains have yielded whole-plant extracts (WPE) containing specific ratios of CBD, THC and containing other cannabinoids, terpenes and bioflavonoids.












Although CBD takes the predominant role and THC an ancillary role, the many other plant compounds within the extract work with these main cannabinoids to produce what is best described as a physiological "entourage effect" by re-setting/re-programming/re-balancing the body's homeostasis. Thus, in time, interconnected physiological functions are restored and maintained in balance resulting in a healthy state. Single, or few, molecule treatments inherently lack the multi-compound entourage effect and so are in effect lacking in their ability to affect the body system in a beneficial way.


This is what likely sets Elysium Grown™ Cannabis apart from other provider's less effective hemp-only or single-molecule based CBD products. Although still Cannabis, high CBD hemp strains lack the robust cannabinoids and compounds and  the full complement of THC. Large-scale, especially indoor, grow sites lack the full regiment of sunshine, and other outdoor environmental factors, along with the focused and nuanced plant nutrient application protocols that Elysium plants receive.


Like all plants, Cannabis responds best to natural external environmental and ecological cues. These, coupled with the Elysium’s horticultural stewardship and Vinea Labs' scientifically sound practices have generated products that continue to help alleviate patient's debilitating symptoms and ensure sustained improvement and good health. The experience gained from years of well controlled grow conditions joined with lab-based research and development practices have yielded a unique, unmatched intellectual property that defines Elysium Wellness and Vinea Labs. 


This is why Elysium and Vinea Labs, Inc. came together... so that they could have complete oversight and control of the science through production, unlike the vast majority of the industry who have no stringent control and understanding of the raw botanicals they are working with. More recently, over the last 4 years, we have proven and succeeded that our closed loop model does work by testing our line of cannabis extract-infused grape seed oil. Elysium then provided medicinals in a private trial with children, young adults, and adults with a variety of neurological/physical special conditions. We wanted patients already using other CBD products.


Again, many of these patients had already tried other well-known CBD products already on the market, with varying and limited outcomes in terms of efficacy and healing. In the overwhelming majority of our trial cases, Elysium products proved to be consistently more effective at resolving neurophysiological deficits and imbalances while restoring overall health than the other products currently on the market. Most patients using Elysium’s medicinal oils experienced a “night and day” difference in resolving mental and physiological issues in a reliably sustainable manner. Patients tended to show long-term improvement in cognitive development and general health improvements, leading to more fully functional lives than they had previously. 















Cannavalon’s present mandate and goal are to continue what Elysium started, to take a caring focus on botanical production and producing highly effec­tive, safe and clean cannabinoid extracts and oils. We will also continue to pursue further research aimed at improving efficacy wherever possible with no toxic side effects which most CBD providers convey with their sub-par cannabinoids and tainted carriers.


All Cannavalon products will be derived from our own proprietary cannabis plant genetics (no outside hemp or synthetic cannabinoids like the products that are being flooded into the cannabis market today) which are grown using ecologically sound techniques at our own grow farms. 


Cannavalon will continue to select and develop genetic cultivars of high CBD plants, together with improved plant nutrient regiments and bo­tanical product extraction methods. Cannavalon will provide the safest, most reliable and effective medicinal cannabis products by minimizing any risks associated with unnecessary additives and undesirable residues. 


Cannavalon will carry on the Elysium vision and provide medical grade CO2-extracted extracts that are formulated based on results and valued feedback provided by our patients and families and now customers.  Cannavalon will continue to encourage collaboration and transparency through correspondence with our patients and families and now with legalization, our customers. They are invited to participate by expressing any concerns and provide feedback. honest and open communication. Cannavalon will continue to utilize feedback to continually monitor our product effectiveness and thus influence product improvement. Open two-way communication provides an avenue for all to become a valued integral part of a life full of healthy and vigor. 

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