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Elysium Oil



The Elysium Family of Oils is the culmination of nearly ten years of growing, processing and testing in Cannavalon's laboratory (10 years) and in the field (4 years; Elysium Collective). Although the relative ratios (concentrations) of the cannabinoids CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are different for each Elysium medicinal product, they each have their own effect on the brain and body. However, it is important to note that these two main cannabinoids work together synergistically with other minor cannabinoids. And they are reported to work together with terpenes and flavonoids in the plant extract to give what is called the overall "entourage effect" on the body. This collective physiological result of all the compounds in the plant extract mixture has been well known by Eastern medicine and alternative holistic medicine practitioners for centuries, and is now gaining more widespread acceptance among Western medicine and integrative medicine practitioners. Cannavalon researchers will continue to investigate how the "entourage effect" can be more specifically  tailored (through combinations of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids) to unique neurological disorders by control of the genetics, growing and extraction processes in order to create more precisely-targeted medicines derived from the cannabis plant.



CBD:THC Ratio: 21mg CBD : 1mg THC* per ml of infused grape seed oil




CBD:THC Ratio: 12mg CBD : 4mg THC per ml of infused grape seed oil









CBD:THC Ratio: 1mg CBD : 10mg THC per ml of infused grape seed oil


* Worldwide scientific research provides evidence that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC show potential as treatments and relief for a variety of neurological issues and other disorders.



Dose&Bake is a cannabis-infused grapeseed oil specifically formulated for baking your own medicated edibles (medibles). Dose&Bake incorporates premium, medical-grade extracts derived exclusively from Elysium Grown CBD and THC cannabis flower. This high-grade baking oil is offered in three unique blends:  (1) High CBD, (2) CBD/THC Hybrid and (3) High THC. Dose&Bake includes an easy-to-use dosage guide that enables consumers to prescribe their individualized dosing preferences for each batch of baked goods.

Dose&Bake Versus Off-the-Shelf Edibles

While a variety of pre-baked (off-the-shelf) edibles may be available to patients, Dose&Bake offers many important advantages over them:

  • Flexible Dosing - off-the-shelf edibles have pre-determined dosing defined by the manufacturer that may not be suitable to the patient. Dose&Bake offers patients the freedom to choose from an array of dosing options for each edible they choose to create.

  • Cost-Effectiveness - off-the-shelf edibles are costly retail products. Baking edibles using store-bought mixes or your own raw ingredients and adding Dose&Bake saves significant money over time for cost-sensitive consumers.

  • Brand Preference - off-the-shelf edibles are hit-and-miss in taste, quality and efficacy. They simply can't match up to a favorite brand of bake mix (e.g. Ghirardelli Brownies, Krusteaz Honey Cornbread, etc.) or may not meet a patient's dietary requirements (e.g. non-GMO, organic, gluten-free, low-calorie, etc.). Dose&Bake allows consumers to tailor edible creations to the foods they already love and consume.

  • Proven. Trusted! - off-the-shelf edibles may have sourced cannabinoid extracts from third-party mega-growers (e.g. indoor grown) who focus more on volume than on efficacy, purity, consistency and ecosystem considerations. Dose&Bake is made from premium Elysium Grown botanical extracts: single-source, outdoor-grown, minimal taste and odor, lab- and patient-tested. PROVEN. TRUSTED!

21:1 CBD to THC

Worldwide scientific research provides evidence that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC show potential as treatments and relief for Neurological issues such as:

12:4 CBD to THC

Worldwide scientific research provides evidence that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC show potential as treatments and relief for Immune System-mediated issues such as:

1:10 CBD to THC

Worldwide scientific research provides evidence that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC show potential as treatments and relief for Severe Pain issues such as:

Extracts & Concentrates


Our Bulk CONCENTRATES and INFUSED OILS are manufactured by starting with Cannavalon’s proprietary CO2 extraction processes of our Elysium Grown cannabis plant material. No other outside raw materials are ever used in our production, including synthetic cannabinoids (powdered isolates) & hemp derivatives. Our extraction process separates away the insoluble plant material (e.g., cellulose) and undesirable compounds (e.g., chlorophylls) from the desired whole plant EXTRACT containing medicinal cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and lipids. Ultimately, the cannabinoids contained in the extract have become highly concentrated to percentages ranging from 65-75%, by mass. The extract can then be further processed according to our B2B customer requests and/or specifications. The extract is then refined and filtered for removal of sub-par cannabinoids and compounds making Cannavalon's extract some of the highest medicinal grade available.


If you're a company seeking to infuse your food, beverage or cosmetic, etc., we will work with you to infuse your product(s) with our cannabis extracts or oils depending on the application. Every customer's product will need to undergo a compatibility screening to ensure that a proper infusion profile is met.




This app is intended to be used by members of the Elysium Family who use our products.

Based on the doctor’s and the product’s recommended dose of CBD/THC, this calculator will help patients with the conversion of 3 units of measures: weight, doctor’s dose and the milligram concentration of cannabinoids in the oil carrier. 

Available for iOS and Android. 

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